U-Pick at Dubois Farm

The kids and I waited all summer for Dubois Farm to open for the season. Open just three short months we try to get here at least every other week if not more. The farm is extremely clean and well maintained with plenty for the whole family to do. Any day you come to the farm you will see David Dubois riding around chatting with farm guests while working. You are able to pick your own fruit, veggies and flowers. The biggest hit with the kids are the farm animals and tiny town.

If you are unable to come during the week they are open on the weekend and there seems to be something going on every weekend. From car shows to festivals, check their calendar to see what is going on this weekend and what is the u-pick for the week. There are always hayrides and activities, last weekend the kids got their faces painted and hula hooped for fun.

The grill and their new beer tasting room is only open on the weekends. During the week you are welcome to bring a packed lunch to the farm but if you decide not to pick be sure to purchase something from the farm store to help support the farm.

Written by Jamie Jackson


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