Blocks, Blocks and More Blocks

There are some tried and true toys that are wonderful for all ages and stages of childhood.  I feel that blocks are one of these great toys.  They never go out of style or get old because they can be manipulated into so many different things.  Different sets of blocks can be used together to create massive structures and a child’s imagination can be set free to develop a world of their own design.


There are many forms of blocks from wooden to Legos.  They are engaging for toddlers and older children alike.  But the best aspect of block play is all the incredible learning that is taking place while your children are playing. 

Spacial skills develop rapidly when playing with blocks helps through rotating block and trying to make them fit properly and how to create a structure that does not fall.

Creativity and imagination can be set into overdrive when children are given the ability to create an open ended block structure.  I have seen everything from castles to prehistoric dinosaur shelters. 


Math skills are incorporated into block play through shape recognition, patterns, counting, symmetry and the building of blocks themselves.  When a child is a bit older blue prints can even be made for the construction of their building. 

Problem solving skills come into play when working with blocks through thinking in terms of “If…then”.  It is important for children to have difficulty with their play structure and build it again so that they are able to adjust and solve the problem. 

Social skills and language development go hand and hand with block play when children are working together.  I always love watching my children work on a block project together.  They get frustrated with each other and have to find a way to figure out a solution that works for both of them.  Yes, sometimes I have to step in, however often when I step back they are able to find a way to work it out together. 


Blocks can be incredibly fun and engaging for children of all ages and levels.  They are a great toy that enables children to learn while being highly engaged.  They may not be the latest and greatest toy on the market, but if you give a child a set of blocks you are giving them the ability to learn and play.  For more information on block play check out these we sites below. 

Written By Nicole Rowley


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