Blocks, Blocks and More Blocks

There are some tried and true toys that are wonderful for all ages and stages of childhood.  I feel that blocks are one of these great toys.  They never go out of style or get old because they can be manipulated into so many different things.  Different sets of blocks can be used together to create massive structures and a child’s imagination can be set free to develop a world of their own design.


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Inspiring your Children to Read- Developmentally Appropriate Reading!

Reading is an incredible gift to give to your children.  My children are obsessed with books and the stories that they hold.  Reading takes place in our house in many different forms throughout the day.  My husband or I read to them, they read with each other, they independently read, they read to me, we listen to books together, they see me reading, we go to the library, we organize our books and recommend books to each other.  We have even begun to write our own books for each other.


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Rainy Day Tool Kit

Rainy days can be frustrating and exhausting for both you and your little ones.  I know when we are stuck inside my children forget they have toys and become whinny, grouchy and always under foot.  It may seem like a whole day has gone by when you realize it is only 10 in the morning!

To aid this situation I decided I would create special activities and supplies solely for rainy days.  I took the phrase “save it for a rainy day” literally and decided to do just that.  Now when it rains my children get excited to use one of these special items that only come out when it rains. 


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Cute Candle Holders your Children Will Love to Make!


We have a large family and many times I feel the pressure to give a cute gift that is hand made by my children to our family.  However finding projects that are fun, developmentally appropriate, and turn out cute are few and far between.  (Please let me know if you have any projects that incorporate both the needs of young children and the cuteness factor!) 

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Center Time!

It is often difficult for our little ones to work independently.  I know my children follow me around like a flock of sheep.  Even when all the toys are in another room, if I’m not in the room with them, they often won’t play with them either.  Though endearing, their sense of dependency can often be frustrating.  I want them to explore the world around them and learn from the toys and learning tools we have provided.


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U-Pick at Dubois Farm

The kids and I waited all summer for Dubois Farm to open for the season. Open just three short months we try to get here at least every other week if not more. The farm is extremely clean and well maintained with plenty for the whole family to do. Any day you come to the farm you will see David Dubois riding around chatting with farm guests while working. You are able to pick your own fruit, veggies and flowers. The biggest hit with the kids are the farm animals and tiny town.

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Flashlight Letter Game

My kids LOVE flashlights. In fact, I think most kids love flashlights. They have control of this tiny little light that they can hold in their hand. With my daughter starting kindergarten next year, I thought it was time to step up my game and make she knows her letters. So we starting playing a game I like to call Flashlight Letter Game. It is as simple as it sounds.

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