Rainy Day Tool Kit

Rainy days can be frustrating and exhausting for both you and your little ones.  I know when we are stuck inside my children forget they have toys and become whinny, grouchy and always under foot.  It may seem like a whole day has gone by when you realize it is only 10 in the morning!

To aid this situation I decided I would create special activities and supplies solely for rainy days.  I took the phrase “save it for a rainy day” literally and decided to do just that.  Now when it rains my children get excited to use one of these special items that only come out when it rains. 


My rainy day tools include games, art supplies and my daughter’s easy bake oven.  The important rule to get children excited is that they are only taken out when it rains.  This adds to the fun and excitement of the rainy day tool kit!

The easy bake oven and games are both activities that I am involved in.  This is my engaging time with the children and I am sure to spread it out throughout the day.  The art supplies I have set up to be an independent center that the children are able to play and explore on their own this way I am able to get some thing accomplished as well.  I have created a box filled with various treasure that they can explore and put together in any way they would like.  I do recommend putting a surface down before letting the children go at it! 


Some supplies I have include: beads, modeling clay, googly eyes, sparkle gel pens, ribbon, construction paper and many different stickers.  These supplies differ from our every day art materials and allow the children to explore more freely (tapping into process art).  You can also easily go to an art supply store and by cute projects for kids to do. 

It is hard to turn a rainy day into something more than a boring day cooped up inside.  By creating a rainy day tool kit with your children you are able to inspire fun and engaging day your children will love. 

**Let us know, what is in your rainy day tool kit?**

Written By Nicole Rowley


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