Science and Math


No, I Don’t Want My Kid to be a Doctor! Said no one ever. (Spatial Skills)

“Mommy, where is insert toy?” This is a question I get multiple times a day in my house. Usually I respond with some sort of short verbal direction, “on the bottom of the bookshelf.” In order for children to understand these directions they must have spatial skills and understanding. Spatial skills incorporate the ability to understand … Continue reading No, I Don’t Want My Kid to be a Doctor! Said no one ever. (Spatial Skills)

Advent Calendar Math Skills

The anticipation of Christmas is heightening in our children’s hearts and minds. Many homes keep an Advent calendar for the Christmas countdown. In our house we have three and every morning my little ones rush to the calendar in anticipation. Often we see this as a family tradition and nothing more, but the Advent calendar … Continue reading Advent Calendar Math Skills

Valentine’s Day Crafts

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches fun crafts and cards come to mind, these help with creativity, following directions and fine motor skills. Below are few fun craft ideas that we created at The Chicken’s Egg. But we didn’t want to stop there, what about fun activities that encompass science, technology, math and reading? Scroll down to find links … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Crafts