Flashlight Letter Game

My kids LOVE flashlights. In fact, I think most kids love flashlights. They have control of this tiny little light that they can hold in their hand. With my daughter starting kindergarten next year, I thought it was time to step up my game and make she knows her letters. So we starting playing a game I like to call Flashlight Letter Game. It is as simple as it sounds.

Since I have at least six decks of Alphabet flash cards, I use these. If you do not have a plethora of flashcards just simple write the letters on cardstock, big enough for see from a short distance.

The Rules:

  1. Set up the game.
    1. If your child is just learning their letters use just one letter.
    2. If your child knows at least a few letters mix it up with 3-4 different letters.
  2. Have your child leave the room and place the cards around the room for them to find.
  3. Turn off the light.
  4. Get your child and tell them what letter they are to find.
  5. Give your kids a flashlight and let them enter the dark room. (Our room was not very dark but they still had fun.)
  6. Find letters.

Everytime we play this game the kids have a blast and want to do it over and over again. So grab your flashlight and have fun!

Written by Jamie Jackson


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