Cute Candle Holders your Children Will Love to Make!


We have a large family and many times I feel the pressure to give a cute gift that is hand made by my children to our family.  However finding projects that are fun, developmentally appropriate, and turn out cute are few and far between.  (Please let me know if you have any projects that incorporate both the needs of young children and the cuteness factor!) 

When my daughter brought home a plastic candle holder (for the fireless candles) from preschool, it gave me an idea.  It would be easy and fun to create our own candle holders that are great as gifts or to keep for our very own! 


The reason I love this art project is because it works on our children’s fine motor skills as they practice cutting with scissors.  It also works on our children’s patience because they have to add one small piece at a time.  It also creates a stunning product which will melt the hearts of family and friends alike!


-paint brush for the glue
-colored tissue paper (at least four contrasting colors)
-clear candle holder (dollar stores usually have these readily available)
-clear plastic cup (be sure to pick up flameless candles for these)



-Set up an area for your children to get a bit messy.  I always tape a paper bag to the table, ensuring our table is glue and goo free!

-Add water to glue (I usually put it on a paper plate, the consistency should be a little thinner than buttermilk for an easy spread)

-Have your children cut small bits of tissue paper (fold the paper into smaller sections for a faster job)

-Have your children spread the glue with a paint brush over one section of the glass. 

-Add tissue paper pieces (the more the better)  We over lapped our tissue paper and it turned out wonderfully. 

*All tissue paper should be submerged in glue

*Be sure to explain we do not put tissue paper inside of the candle holder! I turned ours upside down to emphasize this point.   

-Repeat glue and tissue paper until all the glass is covered.

-Allow several hours to dry and enjoy! 

Written By Nicole Rowley


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