The Imperfect Parent

I wake up every morning to one or more kids climbing in my bed wanting to snuggle before we really get up. I savory this time every morning because it is the only time during the day I know I am doing something completely right for my kids.

Early Morning: Then the day begins along with me questioning the decisions I am making for the day. Do I let them watch TV first thing in the morning? As a parent we hear how bad screen time is for our kids. Then I wonder how much is too much or should I let them use the computer instead?

Breakfast: Moving on to breakfast, I am willing and prefer to make my kids a hot breakfast but most of the time they just want cereal. So again I question myself and think is it bad to give them just cereal? Should I make the breakfast anyway and then tell them that they have to eat what I have made? Usually, I give into cereal.

Late Morning: By now there has been some sort of crying in my house. He took the book from me or she has something I want. The list could go on. I then question myself on how to handle this. With only 16 months between the two they are pretty equal. So, do I let them work it out or do I intervene? If I am going to intervene when should I step in? What is going to make them closer in the long run? What is going to make them more caring and independent? I wonder about this constantly. Since I was raised without siblings I don’t have any experience to draw from.

Lunch: I make lunch and the kids either eat it or not. But I do not make anything else. I am confident with this decision but the questions come if my child doesn’t eat, when can I give them a snack? In 30 minutes, an hour, two? I don’t want them to think they get to have a snack instead of lunch.

Afternoon: We are usually home in the afternoon since most of our playdates and activities are in the  morning. During this time I begin to question myself and wonder, did I spend enough quality time today? Did I play with them enough? I know I spent all day with them but was I really with them?

Early Evening: Since neither of my children (2 1/2 and 4) nap anymore they start to get upset about even smaller things in the evening. Some days are easy and others are rough. On the rough days I debate bedtime. On a bad day I start bedtime at 6:30 and really it’s hoping for the best. On a normal day it’s closer to 7:15. But then I question our bedtime routine. Yes they brush their teeth, we read a story but then we stay in their room until they fall asleep. I go back and forth on this. Some days I think that it would be so wonderful to just kiss them goodnight after their book and leave. That’s what I think I am “supposed” to do. But other days I know one day they will no longer want me to stay and I really enjoy this time most days.

No matter what one or more of these debates go on in my head on a daily basis. I know that we all question our parenting techniques and skill but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like I could do more. I try to remind myself daily that I will not get everything right and that’s ok. As long as I raise happy, kind, self sufficient adults I have done my best. What do you question most about your parenting?