A Pirate Adventure! Making Learning Magical

As is true for most children, my son is intrigued by pirates.  He often asks for his pirate shirt and loves the books on pirates we take out from the library.  Inspired by Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Book, I decided to dedicate some time to creating a treasure hunt in our backyard.

***This idea can easily be transformed into a party theme.***


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A Review: Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine

I am always on the search for educational material that works for both my two and four year old children.  I often get discouraged because the material is either too advanced to engage my two year old or not advanced enough to stimulate my four year old.  So when I purchased a magazine subscription to Ranger Rick Jr. I was excited to find the perfect magazine for both my children.  The subject matter focuses on animals and ecology which gives us endless topics for conversation.


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Saying Goodbye to Summer and to Our Contest

Summer is about to come to a close. Some kids have started school and others have one last weekend hurrah. I remember as a kid summer seemed to last forever. I spent hours outside playing with my friends using my imagination and daring myself to do difficult things. Such as hanging upside down on the monkey bars or learning to hop my bike over a curb.

This summer my kids have learned to jump in the pool by themselves. My oldest can now do a flip into the water. The latter still makes my heart skip every time I see it. My kids have also learned to climb trees and climbing walls that are higher with out my help and have wonderful memories of the beach. I will admit that the two things I wanted to accomplish this summer I failed at doing. I wanted to teach my oldest to ride a bike and to swim. Well what can I say, they were having so much fun doing other things it became unimportant. Be sure to add your photos to our Kid’s 2016  Summer Challenge.  Continue reading

Process Verses Product Art

There is a growing movement in the art world that is directed toward our little ones.  It focuses on the different forms of art that we are teaching our children, both at home and at school.  We are all used to the cute and cliche hand print turkeys and colored in pictures our children produce.  I’m sure we even have some hanging on our walls (I know I do).  This form of artwork our children are creating is called product art.  Project instructions are taught and are focused on a cute product that everyone can ooooh and ahhhh over when it is finished.  Children follow the directions, cut on the line, color in the blanks, glue on the eyes and poof, a perfect piece of artwork.  These projects are usually fun, fast and help our children to focus in and teach them fine motor skills.


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Including Your Child When It Would Be Easier Not To

Our kids have grown out of their toddler beds and were in need of bigger beds. Since we have our kids share a room this meant bunk beds. I wanted stairs that went up to the second bunk because my daughter is four and I worry that she would have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and would have trouble with a ladder.


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Safe Space, A Way to Calm Anger

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just needed to take a step back and go somewhere to calm down?  As adults we hopefully know when to walk away and regroup. Our children on the other hand do not.  When our children get frustrated and don’t know what to do they often have huge break downs.  One very important tool in calming down is taking a moment to ourselves.  To explain this to children I call this their “Safe Space”.

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Grasshopper Grove in Cornwall, NY

My first time at Grasshopper Grove at the Hudson Highlands Nature Center was for their Earth Day Festival. It was packed, but still manageable, with people and activities for the kids to do. The kids learned how a bee made honey and pet farm animals among other things. I was lucky enough to score a pass back to enjoy a day at Grasshopper Grove for free. It took me all summer but I finally made it.

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