In my house we spend a lot of time outside. The kids seem to sleep better, fight less and are generally more happy. Below I have merged arts and crafts with the great outdoors.

Leafy Binoculars 

This is by far the easiest craft I have ever done with the kids. You already have everything at home and if you kid is itching to get outside they can be done in less than 10 minutes using their new binoculars to explore. 

Hole Punch
2 Toilet Paper Roll
Stickers (We used leaves but you can use whatever you have)


  1. Color toilet paper rolls.
  2. Put stickers on toilet paper rolls.
  3. Staple toilet paper rolls together.
  4. Punch holes on sides.
  5. Tie strings in the holes.
  6. PLAY!


Weather Hopscotch

Getting everyone outdoors is a must. Sometimes it can be hard to get everyone to enjoy the same game when there are differnt age groups. Hopscotch is a game we have fun playing in our family. Instead of traditional numbers we use pictures so my son who hasn’t learned his numbers can have fun saying the pictures. Growing up I used a rock to play but rocks seem to entice throwing instead of tossing we use a big piece of mulch.

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