A Pirate Adventure! Making Learning Magical

As is true for most children, my son is intrigued by pirates.  He often asks for his pirate shirt and loves the books on pirates we take out from the library.  Inspired by Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Book, I decided to dedicate some time to creating a treasure hunt in our backyard.

***This idea can easily be transformed into a party theme.***


Simple materials easily transformed our backyard into a treasure filled wonderland.  I filled a shoe box with chocolate coins, ring pops, pirate eye patches, and beaded necklaces. These are just a few ideas, there are so many wonderful “treasures” you can easily fill your treasure box with.  I decided against digging a hole in our yard and hid the box in a pile of leaves.  There are many spaces that would work well though; inside of a bush, behind a rock wall, in a sand box. 

I decided there would be one map and five clues along the way.  (This is the educational aspect to our adventure).  The map showed our whole property (drawn not so well) and featured different ‘landmarks’ that the children would be able to identify.  I hid clues in four different locations giving the children a riddle to solve that would bring them to the next location on the map. 

One clue read: I climb these daily to go up and down (The stairs). When the children learned of the location they marked it on their treasure map and ran to find the next clue. 


It took the children about a half hour to find their treasure.  When they finally found the box they were so delighted the treasure itself was all but forgotten.  The kids quickly bejeweled themselves with necklaces and pirate patches and had a field day running around the yard pretending to be pirates. 

Some additional pirate activites for a party would be:

  • Creating a plank so they can walk the plank
  • Building simple sailboats
  • Creating a pirate ship out of a very big card board box

By focusing on a pirate adventure we were able to bring the mystery and magic of pirates to life.  It was wonderful to watch the children work together and engage in an activity that was educational, fun, and used teamwork.

Written By Nicole Rowley


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