A Review: Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine

I am always on the search for educational material that works for both my two and four year old children.  I often get discouraged because the material is either too advanced to engage my two year old or not advanced enough to stimulate my four year old.  So when I purchased a magazine subscription to Ranger Rick Jr. I was excited to find the perfect magazine for both my children.  The subject matter focuses on animals and ecology which gives us endless topics for conversation.


This magazine features vivid pictures of animals and one animal poster in each issue.  My son loves this magazine so much he sleeps with his issue.  In many of their featured articles they provide links to access further information and the sounds that various animal make.  Each month there are wonderful articles featuring different animals. Unlike other children’s magazines the articles work on several different educational levels.  Its bright photos are engaging to very young children, while the captions and excerpts are perfect for children ready for the next level.  The articles and stories are engaging and informative which works for children all the way through early elementary school. 

What to expect in each months issue

-fact filled articles about wildlife

-great animal photos and one big two page poster

-outdoor crafts and activities

-games and puzzles for the older children to enjoy

-fictional stories based on animals and conservation. 


My children get so excited to receive Ranger Rick in the mail that we just subscribed for another two years!  Try it out at this discounted price below:

Ranger Rick Jr.

Written By Nicole Rowley


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