Saying Goodbye to Summer and to Our Contest

Summer is about to come to a close. Some kids have started school and others have one last weekend hurrah. I remember as a kid summer seemed to last forever. I spent hours outside playing with my friends using my imagination and daring myself to do difficult things. Such as hanging upside down on the monkey bars or learning to hop my bike over a curb.

This summer my kids have learned to jump in the pool by themselves. My oldest can now do a flip into the water. The latter still makes my heart skip every time I see it. My kids have also learned to climb trees and climbing walls that are higher with out my help and have wonderful memories of the beach. I will admit that the two things I wanted to accomplish this summer I failed at doing. I wanted to teach my oldest to ride a bike and to swim. Well what can I say, they were having so much fun doing other things it became unimportant. Be sure to add your photos to our Kid’s 2016  Summer Challenge.  We are going to extend the date to September 12th so you have the time to get any last minute photos in. Be sure to post them on our Facebook Album. I know some of you have posted the pictures in other places on our page and we have taken those into account.

What have your kids “dared” to do this summer.

Chicken's Egg Summer Kid's Challenge

Written by Jamie Jackson


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