Including Your Child When It Would Be Easier Not To

Our kids have grown out of their toddler beds and were in need of bigger beds. Since we have our kids share a room this meant bunk beds. I wanted stairs that went up to the second bunk because my daughter is four and I worry that she would have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and would have trouble with a ladder.


I looked for a few months before I settle on one. Our budget was not large but I wanted to get the best bang for my buck. The bed was at local discount funiture place and I was about to order it when I decided to look one more time. I was glad that I did. Not only did I find the bed that I was looking for but it was much cheaper. All together it was $300 less. The only down side was we had to put it together.


So the day my husband was off we buckled down and went to work. It came in four different boxes and the kids were so excited they were climbing all over everything and into everything. So instead of fighting it we embraced the kids help and gave them tasks that they could easily complete. They took the trash, helped hand tools, took pictures and put in pegs. When there was nothing left they could really help with they pretended to put together things around their room. Our youngest managed to entertain himself with pretend play and actual help for the entire five hours it took to put the bed together. Our daughter gave up after four hours and asked to watch tv.


Because we let them be involved in the set up and kept them engaged, they were able to enjoy the processes of putting their bed together and gave them a sense of accomplishment. So next time you have a large project to tacked, remember that it can be a learning opportunity for your child too. One day they will be adults and have to do these things themselves so encourage them to have fun while doing it.

Written by Jamie Jackson



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