Grasshopper Grove in Cornwall, NY

My first time at Grasshopper Grove at the Hudson Highlands Nature Center was for their Earth Day Festival. It was packed, but still manageable, with people and activities for the kids to do. The kids learned how a bee made honey and pet farm animals among other things. I was lucky enough to score a pass back to enjoy a day at Grasshopper Grove for free. It took me all summer but I finally made it.

Here in New York the past few days we have had excessive heat warning and the kids have not gotten as much outside time as I would like them to have. So I packed us up and drove to Cornwall to check out Grasshopper Grove again. Because of all the trees and the fact there was a nice breeze it was a beautiful day to be there. Grasshopper Grove encourages free play through nature. The kids spent hours painting a gazebo with water, walking through the stream, climbing rocks and using every part of their imagination possible.

I was able to sit back and watch my children explore while I wrote this post and read up on the Hudson Highlands Nature Center. The Center is non-profit and has a preschool, educational classes and summer camp at a reasonable price. You can even host your child’s next birthday party here. If you are looking for a non-traditional playground where you can relax under a tree or play outdoors with your kids, Grasshopper Grove is the place for you.

Written by Jamie Jackson



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