Hiking with Kids

There are lots of places to take the kids in the Hudson Valley and Westchester County to take the kids on a hike. It seems as though there is always somewhere new to explore and a new adventure awaiting us.

Both kids are able to hike about two miles. Sometimes it requires a bit of coaxing and adding in competition, but they do it and we all have a great time. Our last hike, my youngest fell and reopened a recently healed cut on his knee. I was sure the hike was over and we would have to turn around. I carried him for a bit and then gave him short goals to walk on his own. I pretended that I could not carry him anymore and he had to help me to make it the rest of the way. It worked like a charm.

I wanted to share our most recent hikes and give you a little detail about them.

Lyndhurst Mansion


This is a beautiful walk/hike. If your little one can’t keep up you can bring your stroller to walk around the grounds. The mansion looks more like a castle than a home. We tell our daughter a princess lives there and she always asks if she is home. We just say she is out helping others.

Along with walking the grounds, there is a walking path that parallels the river. This path is paved and stroller friendly. We have found blackberries and rasberries along this path at the right time of year. Be sure to know what you are eating before you pick wild berries.

(Fee to enter)

Stone Barns


We love to take the kids here. There is a little of everything. The kids can say hi to the farm animals and you can grab a treat or lunch from their store and cafe. The walking paths are wide and stroller friendly.

(Fee to enter unless you park on the road and walk in)

Black Creek Preserve

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

The most challenging of the three hikes, it is a wonderful hike through the woods. You first cross over a bridge that crosses over Black Creek, then you head up a steep but manageable hill. We haven’t gotten much further than that but the kids saw so much wildlife along the way.


Written by Jamie Jackson


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