Beacon Second Saturdays 

In the bustling small city of Beacon along the Hudson there is an incredible art scene that is transforming the way people view Beacon.  Along the mile long main street there are many different art galleries displaying a variety of work from mostly local artists.  Though they are open sporadically throughout the week there is one day when you and your family are guaranteed an incredible experience.


Every second Saturday of the month all the galleries in Beacon open their doors to the public from (6PM-9PM).  It is a special time where most galleries premiere their new artwork, live music can be found wafting out of different restaurants and cafes, and artists give lectures on their best work.  There are drinks and munchies in most spaces which make the event even more festive. 

I know this may sound like the type of thing you once did in a past life without children however while walking down Main Street on Second Saturdays you can see families with children, couples, groups of friends, and individuals alike.  Several of the galleries are interactive and even put out snacks for children (fishy crackers are in several locations).  Coming to Beacon for this event is a great way to introduce culture and art to your children’s life while enjoying a wonderful evening out.


Whenever my family goes I always think of it as training.  We are teaching our children HOW to act in a gallery,  HOW to appreciate art and culture, and HOW to be polite and gracious. There are always some frustrating moments such as when my kids rush to the snacks and stick their hands right in it, or when they are using outdoor voices in a very quiet space but with a little patience we use this as a teachable moment and move on to another space (sometimes very quickly).      

If you haven’t been to Second Saturday in Beacon you should definitely make time to check it out.  Filled with art and culture you cannot go wrong.  It is the type of event that the whole family can enjoy.  For more information check out the official Second Saturday web page below.

Written By Nicole Rowley


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