Magnet Tiles and the End of Wooden Blocks

Growing up I built my mega structures out of wooden blocks. They were nothing fancy and they got the job done. Honestly, it was more fun to destroy than to build. So when we bought our children their first set of wooden blocks for Christmas, I thought it was going to create hours of fun for them. I was wrong. Perhaps my mistake was giving it to them when they had so many other new toys to play with. Or maybe, it was because we gave them magnet tiles, ours are Picasso Tiles brand, at the same time. The blocks didn’t get acknowledged. Not even opened. They just sat in their box for over a month until I opened it and tried to make them look fun.

Once they got their hands on the magnet tiles there was no going back. My children have played with them everyday. I am not even exaggerating. We purchased 100 tiles and I thought this should be plenty, but they quickly learned to build bigger and more elaborate structures and 100 simply was not enough. I recently added another 100 to the set. This time getting different shapes, windows, doors, and domes. Sometimes they get a bit stuck on how the tiles can male new structures but I show them other ways to use the triangles to make squares or triangles to make roofs. They learn very quickly and are able to recreate the shape.


While your child is playing with these amazing magnet tiles, they are learning many different skills, math, problem solving, fine motor skills, spatial skills, and creativity. The magnet tiles let children create more elaborate structures than traditional building blocks and I recommended them more than any other toy we have ever had.

Written by Jamie Jackson



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