A Review: Positive Parenting Solutions

Free Webinar: Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling
Amy McCready


Who among us has not lost their anger while dealing with a frantic two year old? My recent home life has been disrupted by my little man turning two and deciding he is independent and in control. As an elementary school educator I am very good at managing a classroom and defusing situations within a classroom, however I find myself at a loss with this tiny two year old. Feeling the need to arm myself with some new tools I attended a free webinar in hopes of gaining some helpful tips.


Amy McCready offers an hour long overview of methods that work and those that do not. She offers a great structure on how to begin to transform your house into a more peaceful place.  Many of the techniques she provides are simple and make sense such as stopping the struggle for power, waiting to deal with issues until the elevated moment has passed, giving more positive attention rather than having children act out and get negative attention. Though not life changing, her webinar was a great way to center myself and remind me of the type of parent I would like to be.


– Several techniques on how to deal with your child in a more peaceful way.
– Useful tips for children of all ages (3-16).

– Techniques are vague in hopes that you buy her curriculum.
– 3 through 16 is a wide age range therefore many techniques may work well with the older children but not the younger and vice versa, however she has crammed both into one webinar.

Written By Nicole Rowley


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