Family Fun with Popcorn!

What child doesn’t love popcorn? In my house my children and I get extremely excited for popcorn parties. We love to cuddle up with a movie and eat some of this crunchy and fun treat.  But where does it come from? And how can we transform a lazy movie day on the couch into a teachable moment?


In my house growing up with popcorn was a fun treat that we to helped to make ourselves. I never even knew microwaveable popcorn existed until high school when I was at a sleepover and voala, the popcorn was made. Some may say it’s a great invention making popcorn in this way, however it can be seen as taking the magic away while still taking the same amount of time to pop.

Making it the old fashion way in a pan gives children the option to help; encourages responsibility, allows for questioning skills to come into play (where does popcorn come from? what makes it pop?), encourages healthy eating and enhances math skills through measurement. Not to mention it’s just plain old fun!

Extensions on this activity:
1. Go to your local farmer’s market and get popping corn on the husk & take off the kernels yourselves (a favorite with my kids)
2. Use the kernels to make patterns based on the coloring
3. Share the book “The Popcorn Popper”, by JoAnne Nelson
4. Create festive holiday popcorn balls; one fun recipe can be found at the link below:

Written By Nicole Rowley


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