Bear Mountain State Park

Being inspired by Jamie’s Summer Challenge I was eager to get out and take the family somewhere new in the Hudson Valley.  Since I am due with my third child in July the challenge is not feasible for us this year, however the incredible list of places to go and activities to do made me want to take advantage of local and fun activities while I can!  I implore you to do the same!


We started our journey by packing a picnic lunch, though we were going on an excursion it did not have to cost us much money!  My daughter always begins to get excited when I prepare a picnic because she knows something fun is to follow.  The short half hour drive from Beacon was a breeze and beautiful as you go along the Hudson through Cold Spring. 

We like to park at the main Bear Mountain Lodge where there is a beautiful inn overlooking a lake.  There is also a carousel directly across from the parking lot that your children will love.  The parking fee is $10.00 and well worth it.  From here there are a variety of family fun things you can do to enjoy your day.


We began by walking around the lake on an easy stroll.  This walk is about two miles and easy for all levels.  Both my two year old and four year old have no trouble completing this walk (though I brought the stroller just in case).  Along the walk is a play ground that we stopped at, stunning views, a picnic area and bathrooms.  This walk alone can become your whole day. 

However there are several off shoots that you may want to check out.  Directly behind the bathrooms is a path to the pool and the zoo.  Be advised this trail is steep at parts and what goes down must go up!  I wouldn’t begin the zoo if anyone was in a cranky mood!  The zoo is small but perfect for young children with close up animals and no real crowd.  Once entering the zoo there is a suggested donation and a beautiful trail that leads you through several indigenous animal habitats.  Some of the best exhibits include the eagles, reptile house, coyotes and of course the bears. 

My family spent a fun and relaxing day experiencing only some of what Bear Mountain has to offer.  I highly recommend spending a day exploring and enjoying the surroundings!

Activities Offered


  Hiking Trails (variety of levels)


–   Carousel

–   Rent a boat

–   Fishing

–   Play grounds

–   Picnicking area

For more information check out their web sight below!


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