Strawberry Picking at Fishkill Farms

There are a few things that really mean summer to me. One of them is strawberry picking. To kick off our Kid’s 2016 Summer Challenge, we went strawberry picking. This is a fantastic family activity. Not only do you get to spend time together but your children learn how their food is grown and where it comes from. My kids have learned from an early age what types of fruits and vegetables are ripe. I truly believe that my kids eat such a variety of food because they are connected to the food they eat.

This year we became members of Fishkill Farms CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) and this past weekend was the first pickup for our share. They had a great first week. We received broccoli, spring onions, Swiss chard, hakurei turnips, lettuce and we got to go pick our own strawberries. The kids did most of the picking. This takes longer than if we were to do it ourselves but it is a great learning opportunity. Then we sat at a picnic table while the kids collected pine cones and ran around in the field. I LOVE this farm and recommend it to anyone looking to pick your own food or looking for a relaxing day at the farm. 

I know some of you maybe thinking. How do you get your kids to eat all those vegetables? Well the answer I is I don’t. It’s trial and error in our house. We insist the kids take at least one bite before declaring they don’t like it. If they refuse and want more of something else we won’t give it to them until they try a bite. Does this lead to our kid’s not eating much at dinner sometimes? Yes it does, but in return we have kids that eat most everything. They chow down on salad as if they were rabbits and reach for fruits and vegetables as their snacks. So for our house it works.

I guess we checked off two things in our list. We visited a farm and picked berries. What Kid’s 2016 Summer Challenge have you checked off? Be sure to share your photos in our Facebook Page album titled, Kid’s 2016 Summer Challenge.


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