Art from Nature: Fulfill You Art Challenge for Our Kid’s Summer Challenge

I know there are a lot of you out there that need a little inspiration when it comes to art from nature. The wonderful thing about art from nature is that is gets the whole family outside, using everyone’s imagination, and best of all it’s practically free. I turned to Pinterest to help give you a push on fulfilling one of the challenges from our Kid’s 2016 Summer Challenge.

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Child in Harmony shows us how to weave in nature. I absolutely love this idea. My kids are always bringing me flowers and what a fabulous way to display them. This takes flower picking to the next level.




School Time Snippets says it best “Art is a journey, not a destination is the perfect definition of process art; process art is simply emphasizing the doingof the activity– not the final product. It is providing materials and letting creativity shine through.” Happy painting with nature.



Happy Hooligans Nature Faces let you kids really use their imagination. What do you think that they will use for their eyes? Hair? Nose? Only their imagination can limit them.




Notedlist demonstrates few ideas using twigs and paint. I love the simple stick painting. This takes fine motor skill and your child can use his imagination to turn it into anything from a wand to a walking stick. I would suggest having a bunch os sticks on hand incase they finish the first one quickly.




How to Make Mud Paint (1)


I saved my favorite for last. Learn Play Imagine make Mud Paint. I am excited to try this myself. How fun it would be to be able to get muddy make cool colors and be outside. All I can say is GENIUS.





Join our Kid’s 2016 Summer Challenge. Check our Facebook Page to see what challenges we have met and your competition!Chicken's Egg Summer Kid's Challenge



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