Kid’s 2016 Summer Challenge (with prize!)

I want to challenge myself and all of you to take The Chicken’s Egg Summer Kid’s Challenge.  My hope for these activities in this challenge will help to create family bonds and perhaps family summer traditions. I have tried to create a list that encompasses many free or cheap activities because bonding should not always require money just your time.

This challenge will take place from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The prize will be a piece original art $25 or less of your choosing from my Chloe and Noah Store. Winner to be announce September 10th.

Chicken's Egg Summer Kid's Challenge.jpg

The Chicken’s Egg Summer Kid’s Challenge will have suggestions of places in the Hudson Valley since we are based there, keep in mind these are just suggestions you may choose your own location. If you do not live in the Hudson Valley do not fret, just find something similar in your area and be sure to tell us what challenge you are checking off when you post your picture. Feel free to get creative with the challenge. I know your 1 year old can’t climb a tree yet but you can have them “climb” it with your help.Look for my Bucket List Challenge blog posts during the summer.


  1. You must live in the USA to receive the prize.
  2. You must fb on Facebook.
  3. You must share us on Facebook.
  4. You must add your pictures and description of where you are and what you are doing to our Facebook Page Album: Kid’s Summer Challenge.
  5. You must finish the most challenges on the list.
  6. If there is a tie we will put it out to our Facebook community to pick a winner. This is when your photos will count so make them great!
  7. HAVE FUN!





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