5 Rainy Day Activities for Kids in the Hudson Valley

This spring has been a very rainy one here in the Hudson Valley.  I have two children biting at the bit to get outside and play, and I feel an overwhelming sense of cabin fever.  However, there are several wonderful activities that are not too expensive and can bring hours of endless fun for the whole family.  Below is my top five places to go when it is a rainy day in the Hudson Valley.


Frida’s Bakery


Not only does this down to earth bakery have delicious treats but they have a big room filled with fun toys for children.  The room is upstairs with a great amount of adult / family seating leaving childless customers the opportunity to enjoy quiet in their downstairs area.  The space is perfect for hours of fun for the kids while we adults can sit back and have a coffee or a treat of our own!

$5.00 Movie Theater


This small movie theater has second run movies at a very reasonable price.  They almost always have a children’s movie and early start times.  The best part of this movie theater is they have $2.00 Tuesdays where all movies cost $2.00 for admission!

Mid Hudson Children’s Museum


This hands on museum is a great space for children to explore, learn and burn off extra energy.  There are a number of interactive exhibits that focus on STEM learning and are engaging for children of all ages. 

*Check your local library to see if they have a free family pass! Beacon does!

Mid Hudson Library System


Our local libraries have been a huge resource!  Between the Fishkill and Beacon libraries there are interactive programs for children every day.  Best of all these programs are free to the public and give children the opportunity to become exposed to early literacy.  Barely a week goes by when I do not find myself running to the library for a moment of restitute.   

Little Rascals Open Gym, Fishkill Recreation Center


This open gym event welcomes the community for $3.00 a child and is guaranteed to run your children out!  The whole gym is filled with active toys for toddlers and young children.  They even have a bouncy castle which my children tend to live in while we are there!  The Fishkill Recreation Center hosts this event on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00AM-11:30AM during the school year. 

Written By,

         Nicole Rowley


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