10 Outdoor Activites to Keep Your Kids Busy!


Buds are on all the trees, blossoms are blooming and popping up everywhere.  The growing season has begun!  This is a much anticipated season in my house.  It marks the end of our dark inside living and the beginning of endless outdoor fun and activities.  Children are often eager to get out and explore but may not know where to focus their energy.  Sometimes it is intimidating for a child to see the big wide world with limitless options so they may need to be guided through an activity.  There are plenty of ways to make the outdoors more enticing (other than feeling the glorious sun itself).  Below is a list of fun spring and summer activities that can inspire you and your little ones to enjoy hours of outdoor fun together!

  1. Rock / Bug collection

– My daughter has a special box and collects a rock from almost everywhere that we go.  I have put a limit to two rocks from each place (rocks can add up quickly)!

    2. Create your own natural paint brush with a small pine branch and a stick (use rubber band to connect and water for natural paint you don’t need to worry about)

-The world is your child’s canvas with a cup of water and these easy to make natural paint brushes.  Rocks usually show the most vivid contrast. 

   3.  Nature collection / scavenger hunt (give children a paper bag and see what amazing treasures they can find)

-We usually go on a small walk and I help to point a few things out to get them started.  It is always fun to share in each others treasures after. 

  4.  Create a dandelion crown

-My daughter spends hours, literally hours, picking dandelions.  If your child is able to pick them with a long enough stem it is always fun to make a crown out of these fun filled weeds!  Be sure to make them quick because dandelions tend not to last!


    5. Sidewalk chalk

-Both my children LOVE to draw along our driveway.  My son just makes lines all over as my daughter usually makes a picture with a story.  I love to watch her imagination flourish and bring her pictures to life. 

   6.  Plant a small garden of flowers or veggies

-Every year we plant a small garden of flowers that we tend and love!  My children walk to the area daily to see if anything new has sprouted.  This is a great learning activity and fun for all!

    7.  Walk around with a magnifying glass and observe nature up close!

-This is my son’s favorite activity!  He loves to see bugs and leaves up close and asks endless questions about them!

    8.  Draw what you see-bring some art supplies outside and be inspired!

-My daughter almost always has a marker, crayon and notebook in hand  It is almost a natural connection to bring these supplies outside and dabble in observational art!

    9.  The wonders of a ball are endless

-Bounce it, kick it, throw it, toss it, roll it!  My children play together and independently with balls of all sizes for hours. 

   10.  Sand or water station

-Sand and water can both be calming elements.  My daughter loves to try and create sand castles and my son will take two cups of water and pour it back and fourth for what seems to me an eternity. 

Written By,

         Nicole Rowley


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