Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks

To start I am very lucky to have two kids that eat most things but I still struggle with snack. We don’t eat a lot of prepackaged food in our house so sometime this makes snack time harder then I feel it should. So I have a few standbys that get me through the week. These are quick, easy and you most likely have everything in your house.

Apples with Peanut Butter and Honey

Simply cut the apple into manageable portions for you child and then mix peanut butter with a little honey to dip. This is very simple and usually at hit. Occasionally I add pretzels into the mix.


Kitchen Sink Smoothies 

I do not have a full proof method to my smoothie. I start with plain yogurt, a banana, and either milk or juice. From there the sky is the limit. If you add a little spinach then some berries your child will never know the difference. Sometimes I make extra and freeze them. When i give it to the kids I tell them they are having a Popsicle.


Old Fashion Popcorn

Old fashion popcorn on the stove. Add tablespoon of oil into the bottom of a medium pot. Barely cover the bottom with kernels, turn on high and wait for it to stop popping. I add a bit of olive oil and sea salt the kids eat it up.


Hummus and Carrots

This is as simple as it gets. Buy some hummus, we love Whole Foods hummus with garlic, and carrots. Your child will get protein and vegetables in their snack.


If you start your kids early on a healthy diet they will ask for these snacks without prompting. You will feel good about the food you are giving your child and you are creating long term healthy eating habits for your children.

Written by Jamie Jackson



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