CSA’s in the Hudson Valley

One of the reasons I wanted to move from the city to the Hudson Valley was for my family and I to be closer to nature.  It was only about a month after we moved that we joined our first CSA.  A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture exchange.  You give them a set amount of money prior to the season starting and then get a share of their crops throughout the season.  The farms are assured an income and we are given a share of their bounty in return.


My family chose to join the Poughkeepsie Farm Project through Vassar College.  Their model differs from other CSAs because you are able to pick 5 or 10 of the vegetables you would like to take home each week.  They also have an extensive pick your own farm which, as long as you can spend some time and effort, you can get a vast amount of vegetables, herbs and fruit.   We were enthralled!  Every week we were able to pick up and pick our own seasonal vegetables.  Throughout the whole season the children and I spend hours picking all the vegetables we could, discovering what type of plants create which vegetables and which plants produce their vegetables when.

The children love the opportunity to be outside and learn where all their food came from. We created games to see who could pick the most and the kids would show off their hard work with pride when we got home.  For the rest of the week we would create our meals out of the vegetables we had chosen by hand and carefully make our favorite seasonal meals.  It even added additional excitement at meal time to see what food we were eating and who helped to pick it.


A CSA is the perfect way to get the freshest food you can on the table and support your local farmers.  For the six months a year we get our food from the CSA we live closer to the land, eat healthier and have a great deal of outdoor activities to do.  If you are interested in joining a CSA of your very own, below is a list of the CSAs in the Hudson Valley Reign. 

List of Hudson Valley CSAs


                               Written By Nicole Rowley


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