Best Easy Walks for Kids in The Hudson Valley

When the weather is nice we spend the majority of the day outside. Everyone seems happier at the end of the day. But there are only so many times I can go to a playground and since my kids are preschoolers I don’t feel comfortable taking them on a hike unless my husband is with us. If they both have a meltdown in the middle of a trail there is no way for me to carry both of them back to the car. So instead we will go for an easy hike. We are never that far from the car but we are in nature and the kids are able to explore.

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain has a wonderful stroller friendly path around the lake. So when little legs get tired they can hop right into the stroller for the rest of the walk. Take a picnic with you and eat by one of the picnic tables by the water, there are quite a few at the start of the walk. We wait until we are almost done with the lake walk because ww like a little more private and the are just a couple of tables right by the water. This path does have a big uphill climb but because you can take the stroller I classify this as an easy walk. If you prefer to take a walk with something dedicated to see, Bear Mountain has a zoo that has bears and many other local rescued wildlife on yet another stroller friendly path.

Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place is a nice easy stroll. You can do as much a or as little as you like and it is just a beautiful place that overlooks the Hudson.The trails are not that stroller friendly but the grounds are. The walk to the waterfall is easy and as long as you take your time little legs should have an easy time with it. Once you reached the waterfall you are able to take a rest and have a snack. If you decided to venture to the mansion and around the grounds there are numerous places to spread out a blanket and let your kids run around while you sit and relax.

Dover Stone Church

Dover Stone Church has a few different trails to offer, from very easy to difficult for small legs. We like this trail because when we are able to challenge the kids we have the payoff of a beautiful waterfall inside a cave. This path is not stroller friendly but a great introductory hike if you want to take a walk with a reward of a stream at the end. This should be a must on your walk to do list.

Written by Jamie Jackson



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