All About Fairy Houses

As spring is approaching and everything is starting to bloom, it’s time to talk fairies. We made our first fairy house when my oldest was 2 years old. We painted it added, rocks leaves, shells and more then put it in the woods behind their grandparent’s house. It became a really fun activity. She would play and while she was distracted I would place something by the fairy house door. Then I would call for her to come look to see what the fairy had brought. She was always amazed and excited to see what she would find.


Doing this was not only for the enjoyment of seeing her face light up but it was also for sparking her imagination. To be honest I am not a mother that can sit on the floor and play dolls, cars, or really any pretend game for any amount of time but I am good at nudging little imaginations.

The idea for the fairy house started at a Fairy and Gnome Festival we attended at Annmarie Sculpture Gardens in Southern Maryland. There were all kids of games, people dresses as fairies and beautiful fairy houses. My daughter loved looking at all the houses. As we walked along the path we would say things like, “did you see the fairy just fly that way?” or “can you see and fairies?” She would get even more excited to walk to the next house.

Once we got home she was very excited to make her own house. You really can make a fairy house out of anything you can find around the house and the yard. If you don’t have a yard to put the house into then put it next to a window and tell your little one that fairies can magically get in and out of the house and they come in to rest. It is really easy to keep their little imaginations going it just take a couple of minutes to create a precious childhood memory.


Written  by Jamie Jackson




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