Making lemonade out of lemons- what to do when your child is sick!


The birds are chirping, the flowers starting to bloom and we are all itching to be outside. But what do you do when you are all set to go and play and your child gets sick? Apparently her body didn’t get the memo that germ season is over! So now our life is chicken soup and jello while the whole world around us is bursting with spring fever. Whether your child is sick, you’re potty training, or you just need to be inside, the following are the ways I make use of my time instead of staring longingly out the window.

Day 1: I embraced the fact that my daughter was sick and took some much needed rest time. I sat on the couch next to her and caught up on my writing, finished off a book and cooked all her sick favorites. By mid-day I was restless as was my son, I knew this movie trance could not go on forever. So after nap time I set up our kitchen table with art supplies and my children colored the afternoon away as I cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner.

Day 2: This is when I knew we were in for the long haul. My daughter rarely is sick for more than a day, so when she was up all night sick as a dog I knew she had it bad. So as she spent the next day on the couch again I knew I had to figure out my next steps. I decided to begin to tackle my spring cleaning. BEST CHOICE EVER! I for one hate cleaning and the second it is nice outside the last thing I want to do is be inside cleaning, so I knew there would never be a better time than now to get these dreaded jobs done.
I chose jobs that could be done in increments and that I could put down quickly to tend to my children. Inevitably they wanted to be in the same room as I was so I made sure there was an activity to do in each room.

Day 3: My daughter was feeling better but was not quite ready to get back to her normal activities. I continued on with my spring cleaning but set up centers of non-taxing activities so that my daughter could slowly get back her old self. It was easy to make these centers and the children were excited to be able to play in them and stop when they needed a rest. Throughout the day I alternated cleaning and playing with my children. We got more quality time on this day than I can remember having in a while.

Ideas for Indoor Activity Centers

– Puzzle Center (independent)
– Game Center (assisted)
– Play Dough Center (independent)
– Painting Center (assisted)
– Reading Center (both)
– Beading Center (independent)
– Puppet Center (both)
– Building Blocks Center (independent)
– Marble Run Center (assisted)
– Writing Center (assisted)

Having a child that is sick can be frustrating, especially when you have other plans and things to do, however with a little persistence you can turn your situation into a productive, fun filled adventure.

Written By Nicole Rowley


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