5 Easter Crafts: Toddler and Preschooler Approved

Recently at my mother’s groups, a mother of three (infant to preschooler) expressed that she wished she could do more crafts with her oldest child. She felt like she couldn’t make time to set up something for her. The age difference can make things more difficult, however I believe that you can always create a craft to bridge the age differences. Below are some Easter craft ideas that are easy to set up. Your toddler and preschooler will both enjoy. Thank you Pinterest.


It really doesn’t get easier than this carrot from Glued to My Crafts Blog. Your toddler will need help tracing his hand and cutting but your preschooler can do it all by herself, this will help with her fine motor skills. If you don’t have tissue paper in the house you can use orange construction paper. The craft calls for a stapler to attach the hands but you could just glue them on instead. My children would spend about 15 minutes on this craft. That means I can quickly do the dishes while they are working.




No Time for Flash Cards  made this cute Marshmallow Easter Bunny. You could also use cotton balls if you don’t have marshmallows handy for the bunny and white and black paper for the eyes if you don’t have goggly eyes. For this project she had the kids do the glue but for your toddler just go ahead and do it for them. This is great for fine motor skills because they have to put the marshmallows so close together and follow a line.



chalk egg craftMom to 2 Posh Lil Divas has come up with the easiest kid craft ever, Wet Chalk Easter Eggs. If you don’t have painters tape just cut out an egg for your little one and let their imagination take over. As your child mixes the chalk they will learn what colors blend to make other colors. I would have a few extras handy because if they are like my kids they will be done in five minutes and will want another one.


egg collage craft for toddlers

Toddler Approved shows you that you can use anything around your house to make an Easter egg project. We made these in our house and used all kinds of stickers and scrap paper. Some other ideas are makers, crayons, cotton balls, feathers, buttons, flowers, and Cheerios. You can use stick glue if you don’t want to risk your two year old pouring glue everywhere. My kids worked on this for about half and hour. 






ABC Creative Learning made these cute Easter Chicks. I know some of us would prefer not to break out the paints with the kids so you could aways use crayons or makers instead. For the eyes black and white paper would work just as well. I think these would be so cute to hang on the wall to display your child’s Easter art. These Easter Chicks are like a very small puzzle. Be sure to ask them how they thing the egg should go on the chick. This gives them a problem to solve and feel proud that they were able to come up with a solution.


There are so many ways to tailor crafts to accommodate multiple age groups. If you are like the mother of three I mentioned above you may be saying, “I don’t have time to set crafts up.” Well thats the wonderful thing about the above crafts, it would take less than five minutes to prepare everything. Happy Easter Crafting!

Written by Jamie Jackson


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