Easter Egg Hunt Party Ideas

With Easter approaching quickly this year, some of us have left the plans to last minute. I know I have, so I turned to Pinterest this year to help me through this holiday and wanted to share my finds with you. Most of the links below you can have your child help to make. I find my kids get even more excited about a party when they are apart of the planning and set up of the party. Happy Easter Hunting!

Below are some fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, fun Easter themed food, and Easter decor to make your party a hit with the kids.

Easter Egg Hunt Party Ideas



Add a little direction and decoration to you Easter Egg Hunt with this printable from In the Playroom.




A fun twist to pin the tail on the donkey from ABCs to ACTs. The children have to match the color of the tails to the bunnies. This is wonderful for small children because they don’t have to be blindfolded to play.







An amazing idea from Create Craft Love for those kids that love puzzles. If you are having a large hunt you could use one egg color for each pixel and assign a color for each kid to find.



Easter Themed Food



There really is no food easier to make than deviled eggs. Cindy Shopper has added and extra fun and thematic twist to your average deviled egg. Be sure to have your kids help with the making of these eggs!





SweetPotato_Easter Bunny

These nutritious sweet potato bunnies from With Style & Grace will entice your young one to eat their vegetables. You could always pair with broccoli to make the grass for the bunny to sit in.








I know some of you out there don’t cook or don’t have the time so this recipe from Savvy Mom is for you. You can be done and out the door in 10 minutes with a healthy treat for the party.



Easter Party Decor



Our Best Bites has a cute idea for your plasticware at your Easter celebration. I love the idea of adding a theme throughout the party. This would be easy for the kids to help. Young ones could match up a fork, spoon, and knife. A little older child could help you fold the napkin and you can tie the bow.






Instructables created a very cute garden idea for your Easter Hunt party. The kids can help paint the pieces and you do the assembly.





Ella and Annie inspired my family to make these for our house this year. I did change it up a bit by using cotton balls for the tails for the sake of time. This also allowed for the kids to help by gluing the tails onto the bunny.


Hope you have a wonderful Easter and happy egg hunting!

Written by Jamie Jackson


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