Fostering Independence; Fun with Potty Training

The first and biggest step your toddler can take towards independence is potty training. Of course this is a gift that you give them, not the other way around, seeing all the work a parent must put into this incredible milestone. There are as many potty training methods as there are fish in the sea, however I primarily focus on Jamie Glowacki’s three dayish method in Oh Crap. Potty Training. This method is a very quick and effective way to get your child over the potty training hump and on their way to a diaper free life.


I dread potty training; the time it takes, the messy clean ups, the patience to stay calm and most of all the need to resist all urges to give up! However what I had forgotten in the potty training process is the incredible pride our little ones feel when they succeed (which they inevitably do). My son’s smile and the joy in his voice as he said “I did it!” will stay in my heart forever.

There was more that just pride in his excitement, it was the small spark of being able to accomplish something completely on his own. HE decided it was time to go, HE sat on the potty, HE preformed his bodily function and HE DID NOT NEED MY HELP DOING IT! Up until this point in his little life everything he has done has always been with assistance, but now for the first time, he was able to independently do something.

I recall with my daughter that potty training was a milestone in her development. She rapidly began to try things independently and many times succeeded. I watched as her self esteem soared and she blossomed into a more determined and self confident child. I feel like potty training was her turning point out of the “terrible twos” which my daughter had bad! I truly believe her behavior changed because of her newly found independence in potty training.

When looking at potty training holistically, going to the bathroom seems almost secondary to the gift of independence that comes along with it. Independence comes in many forms though however it comes it is a welcome gift to a child and their development. So here’s to potty training; the messy, frustrating, time consuming but ironically gratifying developmental milestone.



Written By Nicole Rowley


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