Happy New Years!

The New Year is a time to reflect. Every year I take a step back to think about myself and my practices. This year my focus is on my children. I view staying at home with my children as a job; not just the cooking, cleaning and physical caring for children but also guiding their intellectual and social-emotional development. These years are the foundation and stepping stones for their entire educational future. As an elementary school teacher I have seen how crucial a child’s early development effects both their struggles and successes in school. Now I am not suggesting forced learning and focused practice but quite the opposite! I am proposing that this year you focus on giving your children new experiences and exposing them to real world learning challenges as often as possible.
This can simply be incorporated into your every day activities. Beginning Monday I will share several questioning techniques and every day scaffolding methods (giving children proper support)  in a two part series to help you begin the New Year with your children the right way! Happy New Year everyone!!!!

written by Nicole Rowley


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