A Review: Battat Take-A-Part Crane Truck Kit

With the holidays quickly approaching many of us are left with some last minute shopping that needs to get done.  Just because we are pressed for time does not mean we need to lose out on the quality of the gifts we are giving.

The Battat Take-A-Part Truck is a great solution to your gift giving needs.  When my son received this as a gift for his second birthday I was a bit apprehensive. By looking at it I thought we would lose all the parts in a minute (seeing as it is a take apart toy). However I was pleasantly mistaken. There are three main parts that can disconnect and the “bolts” are big enough that they adjust with ease as well as stay in place when needed. The icing on the cake is that it comes with a super cute drill that has been used on every item in my house. It is soft enough that it tickles and does not scratch a thing.truck

The best part about the take apart truck is that it helps teach children tactile skills. It is a toy which play, using your hands and practicing a skill are one in the same. Your child will focus on how to get the drill on the bolts to fix and take apart the truck which in turn focuses their tactile skills. Overall I highly recommend this toy for an active toddler who gets board easily, seeing as there are many ways to use and skills to work on!


Aspects to consider:
– This toy is most appropriate for a 3-5 year old if being used properly.
– A wonderful toy for a 2 year old, however to use it properly there must be parental guidance.
– There are many parts to this toy so it defiantly needs its own “place”.
– No extra bolts come with it so don’t lose them!
– The drill takes two AA batteries.

To check out this toy:
Battat Take-A-Part Toy Vehicles Crane



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