Christmas Placemats Kid’s Craft

Sometimes art projects that are functional can be difficult for different ages and ability levels. Each project needs to be tailored to the child’s skill level. Chloe, my oldest, can cut large shapes but Noah has yet to master this skill

As the holidays approach I wanted to create a project both children use and help us get into the holiday spirit. That’s when I came up with holiday placemats.

If your kids are like mine as soon as I mention we are going to do an art project they are attached to my side waiting for me to get everything together. Since the prep of the placemats takes a bit of time I discretely get the project ready before.

Placemat craft

Construction Paper or Scrapbooking Paper
Heavy Book
Glue (liquid or stick)
Laminator or Office Store to laminate for you


First I glued the longer sides of two 8.5×11 sheets of paper together. Because the paper got a bit wavy when glued, I placed a heavy book on top of the seam as it dried.

While the paper was drying I got out my colored paper and used a sharpie to draw the objects for the placemats. I cut the ornaments and left the presents for both to try and cut themselves. I know Noah will need help cutting but I always want to give him the opportunity to practice his fine motor skills.

After all the prep is done, it’s time to get the kids. Instead of giving the kids all the pieces at once, I want them to practice their listen skills so I go step by step with them.

After they have finished I let them know their project has to dry and we will go get them laminated so they can use them all holiday season long.

(Note: If you are laminating at an office store it costs twice as much to laminate if the glued on objects go off the page. The store has to use a larger laminator.)


– Ask the kids what the colors of the gifts and ornaments are as you hand them out.
– Play Christmas music and sing along while doing the art project.
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