Advent Calendar Math Skills

The anticipation of Christmas is heightening in our children’s hearts and minds. Many homes keep an Advent calendar for the Christmas countdown. In our house we have three and every morning my little ones rush to the calendar in anticipation. Often we see this as a family tradition and nothing more, but the Advent calendar can be used for many math skills especially for the little ones ages 2-5.

The Advent calendar is a simple way to incorporate learning into an every day routine. The greatest part is the Advent calendar can be worked on quickly every day for a month. It will be amazing to watch your children develop and learn simple mathematical skills with five minutes of focus a day.

Below is a list of mathematical skills that can be worked on. They are listed by ability level and can help you to scaffold your children’s learning. When one skill is mastered focus them on the next. It will be incredible to see how much progress they make with their counting in one short month!

Mathematical Skills to Work On

-Adult prompted counting                                                                                                 Be sure to point to each number as you say it’s name.

-Child counting with adult assistance                                                             Say the number after they say it, correct if they make a mistake. Be sure to point to each number.

Independent child counting                                                                          Listen to ensure they are saying their numbers correctly and pointing to the correct number. Focus your child’s attention on the numerals they are pointing to and saying.

-Counting backwards                                                                                              This can be scaffolded in the same manner

Skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s



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