A Real Polar Express Experience!


The Catskill Mountain Polar Express is a magical ride that brings the joy of Christmas to all families who truly believe in the spirit of Christmas. Based on the book The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg, your family will take a magical ride to the North Pole where Santa boards the train to the delight of all children. During the two hour long journey there are many activities to keep the little ones excited such as the actors portrayal of The Polar Express, ticket adventures, hot chocolate drinking, reading The Polar Express with a mega size book, a holiday sing along, games and if that is not enough, being on the authentic train itself (this is the part my two year old, train obsessed, boy loved the most!) Being a part of the Polar Express will soon become a Christmas tradition for your whole family- I know it has for mine!

In addition to the polar express being a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays it is also a great way to stand up for the historic railroad. The railroad has been operational since 1869 and has currently been going through a struggle to stay open. Ulster county has been fighting to create a walkway out of the most traveled parts of the railroad. The railroad has been working hard to improve their tracks and the programs they offer. Many of the improvements are due to volunteers and proceeds from programs such as the Polar Express. Making this ride both the perfect holiday experience and a way to stand up for a historic landmark.

Things to keep in mind when riding:
1. They begin boarding AT the start time, it is not essential to get there more than 10 – 15 minutes before hand.
2. Leave the stroller in the car. They are accessible to those with special needs but you should call ahead.
3. Most if not all children wear PJs and some adults too.
4. Bathrooms are available on board.
5. This is a two hour long ride and may be difficult for antsy children (such as a two year old that won’t sit still). It is perfect for three and up!
For more information and tickets:
pe_tickets_smallCatskills Mountain Railroad

Buy the book and the movie:
Polar Express Movie
Polar Express Book

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